Campus Life

Campus Life ( Rules and Regulations ) :
Discipline, in a common parlance, is the precondition of success everywhere in life. Students must abide by the following rules and regulations to keep peaceful and congenial atmosphere in college campus.
Uniform and Identity card :
Each student must wear college uniform and bear Identity card. No student is allowed to enter college campus without uniform and Identity card. Cloth for college uniform and identity card are supplied from college office before the beginning of the first semester.
Presence in class:
a) Each student has to attend 85% of the total class in every semester. If any student remains absent for seven working days without prior permission of the authority his name is penned through from the register book, and for each absence he has to pay fines.
b) Without desired presence no student is promoted to class twelve and if any student is found discollegiate he/she is not allowed to take part in Board Examination.
c) The students who can attend 100% classes are specially awarded by the principal at the end of each session
In case of illness of any student, absence fine is excused if legal guardians apply to the authority.
For genuine case at best five days' leave is sanctioned in response to the application of a legal guardian.